• Virtual Running with SF Runs!

    For motivation, fitness, and fun!

    May Miles = Medals!

    SF Runs is offering a virtual running challenge for the month of May. Here are the details

    1. SF Runs will provide you with a digital medal if you reach any of the following total mileage milestones in the month of May: 10 Miles, 13.1 Miles, 20 Miles, 26.2 Miles, 50 Miles, 75 Miles, 100 Miles, 125 Miles.
    2. You will earn a new medal for each level you reach during month.
    3. Submit your documentation via this form or by e-mail (vr@sfruns.com). You are welcome to submit photos, selfies, etc. You may be featured on our Instagram!

    If you have any questions, contact Leonard Adler at leonard@sfruns.com

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